How long does it take for erosive esophagitis to heal caused by Acid Reflux or GERD?

I believe I have erosive esophagitis caused by GERD which is causing shortness of breath. I have been taking generic prilosec for about 1 month now and my symptoms seem to be improving slightly. Does the shortness of breath eventually go away?

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  1. I also have GERD and have been taking generic prilosec for about 3 weeks. I’ve been experiencing shortness of breath/constriction at the base of my throat for almost 6 weeks… it isn’t constant, rather it comes and goes several times a day for hours at a time. I’ve seen a slight improvement over my GERD symptoms while taking meds, however the breathing problems have not changed; I think it is due to esophogeal irritations that need to heal, I’m not sure how long those take to heal but I hope it’s not too much longer. It’s really frustrating to deal with this! Let me know if you’ve had any success!

  2. i have had esophagitis for 2 months now. Cant take the meds cause of the side effects. does anybody know if it will heal without meds. I have shortness of breath too.

  3. I have found the only thing that works for me is Nexium. I have esophagitis and gastritis. I have also changed my diet drastically. If it hurts don’t eat it. I tried Prilosec for 6 months because it was cheaper but all it did was make it worse.

  4. I have the same issues…I have had it for 9 weeks…someone PLEASE help. I took all the meds, stopped smoking, drinking, etc. I am only 38 years old and bed ridden for the most part.

  5. Anybody got healed? Any success stories? How long did it take. I’m struggling for the past three months.

  6. Have you been tested for eosinophilic esophagitis which provides most of the symptoms listed above? I had no clue that I even had this until I had a scope done. Worth checking with your doctors.

  7. Try eating apples. They are wonderful for reflux.

  8. Try eating apples. They are wonderful for reflux.

  9. Hi everyone!
    I’ve had symptoms of esophagitis for about 3 months now, and am using a supplement called DGL. It’s a licorice root supplement that is known for helping to heal gastritis and esophagitis, along with many other health issues. Years ago, my husband had gastritis, and the PPI’s he was put on made him even sicker, so we researched and found out about DGL. It’s been used in Europe for approx. 40 years, and has no side effects. If a person does have high blood pressure, it’s safe to take, as the only compound in it that could raise blood pressure has been removed. DGL stands for deglycyrrhizinated licorice, meaning that the glycyrrhizinate has been removed. It worked incredibly well for my husband, who started feeling relief within 2 weeks, and by 8 weeks, was feeling like himself again. My symptoms of indigestion, chest pain, some difficulty swallowing seem to match up with esophagitis, so I decided to start using it. I will be seeing my doctor about these symptoms, and I’m willing to do bloodwork, chest x-ray, and upper g.i., but not crazy about having the endoscopy done. I’ve even read that the endoscopy can cause gastritis! Try looking up the DGL online and see all the health benefits it has. Oh, I’m also on a medication for high blood pressure, and taking DGL, with no problems whatsoever. I hope this helps some of you, as I know about the frustrations of being on a med that doesn’t work, and sometimes makes the problem worse. Remember, my husband was feeling good again after 2 weeks on DGL, and back to normal within 8 weeks using this stuff, so hopefully the time frame for healing the esophagus is about the same. God bless you all and hope you get better! Jody

  10. Diane Collier | April 8, 2016 at 5:15 pm |

    I just started taking DGL today along with herbal aloeForce (Aloe Vera with cleansing and relplenishing in One) and Slippery Elm, so I may not notice the results for a couple of weeks. I am currently taking Dexilant, very hard to get insurance to approve, because none of the other meds like nexium, prilosec, etc helped at all with my esophageal erosions which I have had for years and have been hospitalitalized for in the past and was in bed for 2 weeks after I got out. I had severe spasms and could not breathe, thought it was a heart attack and the cardiologist could find nothing, just kept running cardio tests, very expensive. This just wiped me out and I now am going through this again but without the hospitalization. Went to Mayo Clinic to find it was erosions of the esophagus and nothing wrong with my heart.
    Recently, I cut back on the dexilant because I got the flu, pneumonia and bronchitis and had other meds to take. Now I am determined to get over the esophogitis with continued diet and following instructions as far as food changes and DGL, ALOE and Slippery Elm and alkaline water. I plan to wean off the Dexilant, as all these meds cause osteoporosis among other things and have other severe side effects. If these changes don’t help, I will stick with the Dexilant, because it is far above the best of the pharmaceutical meds for me.

  11. I’m home from the hospital from a heart attack. (tests showed I’ve had several of them) It’s hard for me to know if I’m having a heart attack or severe episode of acid reflux. I get severe chest, neck, jaw and even get pain in my left ear from acid reflux. The pain is so bad I can barely tolerate it. My doc put me on a purple and white capsule which does very little IMO. I had it so bad last night I was ready to go to the ER, but they blow my veins with an IV and they ALWAYS put a line in when you go in. I toughed it out and I took a TBSP of honey and that made it worse. Finally I made a pc of toast and that seemed to help. I also drank a good dose of Mylanta. Finally fell asleep. What else Is Dexalant used for? I will try some of the DGL, but where do I find it? I read that apples work. Anyone tried eating those? I am about to resort to eating baby food. It just seems odd to me that foods like spaghetti with meat sauce doesn’t hut, but mashed potatoes does. Anyone else finding they can eat food that would be more likely to cause pain, but don’t and foods you’d think would cause a flare up don’t.?

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