If we have Medicaid/SCHIP/Medicare for the poor, children, elderly, and disabled, what’s ObamaCare for?!?

I am a social worker and it amazes me how much money people can have and still qualify for Medicaid. Even working people with $2,000 in the bank, a car, and a house can still qualify. SCHIP can cover kids up to age 25 (and up to age 30 in some states). Once you’re on Social Security for at least two years, you get Medicare for the rest of your life, even if you’re only 18 when you begin receiving SSD payments.

So… if we’ve covered all the “vulnerable” bases, why are we devaluing the dollar to spend trillions of dollars on… who? Middle class people who want to spend their money on things other than health insurance? Rich people who simply choose not to have it? People here illegally?

It has been interesting to watch Democrats push for something without their usual “What about the poor?!?! What about the children!?!? My God, the children?!?!?!” There is no compelling reason that we need to spend TRILLIONS on this thing right in the middle of a recession with 10% unemployment and the dollar falling rapidly against all other foreign currencies.

After all, what good is universal health care if we suffer a Weimar-Republic style economic collapse?
Yes, I am a social worker. Why is that such a surprise? If you were a social worker you would understand that no one is too “poor” for health insurance. If they were “poor” they’d qualify for Medicaid. You can earn a lot of money on Medicaid, and many of my clients do. There are college students on Medicaid! Plus, there are other benefits of being “poor” – you can get your housing for free, medications for free, food for free, subsidies for education, etc.

Just because I am social worker doesn’t mean that I think people are entitled to everything under the sun. Some people, such as me, have to work for a living! There are six clients on my caseload who live in nicer houses than me and two clients who make more money than me. One guy gets $4,000/month in SSD; I make only $2,100/month!

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  1. For those who do not qualify for the other government programs and are too poor to buy insurance.

    You’re a SOCIAL WORKER?


  2. Nice social worker…. Glad I don’t need one.

  3. It is not “Obamacare” as the White House did not write the legislation, Congress is doing it. The government portion of health care reform is to help people by selling them affordable insurance if they are income-eligible and under 65 years of age.

    A car and a house are not counted as assets for Medicaid, but to qualify you cannot have more than $900 monthly in income, and that is here in California. You can only qualify for Medicaid if you have minor children, are an immigrant, are legally disabled, blind, pregnant, under 21 or over 65, so even in California, I could not qualify for Medicaid when I was laid until I had zero income and before that I was a charity case at a Catholic Hospital in San Francisco.

    Medicare is given to legally disabled people on SSD as well as those over 65, but here in California, regardless of income, the govt. takes $96.40 per month from my social security payment and I am on Medi-Cal. I don’t qualify for Food Stamps because my income is more than $1100 for one person and I have no assets except my Social Security.

    It is hard to believe you about those people who earn more than $2000 per month and get Medicaid. The type of house you have and your car does not exclude anyone from help.

    Maybe you should live in another state.

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